Petal Frosting Technique Tutorial

Petal Technique
This technique is certainly not new.  As a matter of fact you have probably seen it on about every social media outlet out there.  However, I have never made it until today.  I must say, it's pretty stinkin' cute!  I thought I'd throw a tutorial out there for the 0.1% of cake bakers out there that haven't made it:)  Hop over to this page for the cake recipe.  Hop over to this page for the chocolate silk frosting.  The last row of petal is a pain in the neck.  Do the best you can.  And then serve that piece first:)  This requires a lot of frosting so I would one and half you recipe (or double) for your frosting if making a two layer cake.  You can do the petals on the top but I like a flat top with petaled sides.

Start with a fully covered cake.  You don't want to see any cake if there are any gaps in your "petals".
I put the first cake up right.  Do a layer of frosting.  Then I put the second layer upside down for a perfectly flat surface.

Using a round pastry tip (I use Ateco 808) pipe as many dots as you want rows.  I wanted three rows because I only had a two layer cake.

Using a small offset spatula, a baby spoon, or even a butter knife press into the center of your dot about half way, hold, and drag.

Decide how far apart you want your rows and then start with a new row of dots.

Pipe all the way around the cake.  The last row of petals is a pain in the neck  you basically have to fudge it.  Decide where you want the back of your cake to be and start and end there.