Mushroom, Leek, Roasted Tomato, and Goat Cheese Lasagna with Creamy Béchamel

This lasagna is fancified comfort food.

My husband is a picky eater.  Majorly picky eater.  But he is one of those people who don't think they are picker eaters.  Catch my drift?  Sometimes this rubs me the wrong way.  However, on few a occasions it is an asset.  Case in point this lasagna.

When my husband, Mark, got home I served him up a BIG piece of it.  When he asked for a second piece I asked him how much he wanted.  He replied, "same as the first".  That's when I knew I had something good on my hands.  Something real good.  Because my Mark only get seconds on things he thinks are really, really good.  So according to the Mark-O-Meter this is a winner.

Now don't let this scare you off, but this isn't just something you whip in a 30 minutes.  It takes time to prepare and time to bake.  So I would allot 2 hours to make and bake it.  The good news is that it can be made the night before and then baked the day of.  But the next time I make it I will double the recipe and put it in 4-8x8 disposable aluminum pans, bake 1, and freeze 3.  The creamy béchamel will keep you coming back for more.  Enjoy!!!!

1lb lasagna noodles, cooked/rinsed/tossed in a bit of olive oil
1/2c olive oil
1 cup goat cheese
1 cup ricotta cheese, whole
1/2c chopped fresh basil
2.5c shredded mozzarella
1.5t kosher salt
3/4t pepper
1 large egg
1.5lbs mushrooms (to keep the cost down I bought three packages of the assorted mushrooms at Publix and then used sliced portabella for the rest)
5 garlic cloves, smashed/minced
3 medium leeks (cleaned well) the white and tender green parts, chopped
1 batch of Roasted Tomatoes


6T unsalted butter
1/3c AP Flour
4c whole milk
3/4t kosher salt
1/4t ground pepper
1/2t nutmeg

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